Young members of the Liberal National Party are encouraged to submit an application for the 2017 bursary. Applications close on 31 March 2017 at 5:00pm. Electronically submitted applications are acceptable.

If you are a young, committed and motivated member of the LNP (including the Young LNP) with an ambition to lead in either of the public, business or professional spheres of this State, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Use the application form, which can be downloaded to your right, to make your pitch for up to AUD$25,000 in funding for your dream research, education or development project.

The criteria for the award of the bursary are drawn from the attributes and values which were espoused by Enid Dowling herself. The successful candidate will have both leadership potential and a sincere alignment of his or her beliefs and actions with the values of the Enid Dowling Foundation.



Applications released
1 January 2017
Applications open
1 February 2017
Applications close
31 March 2017, 5:00pm
Applications assessment and short listing of applicants April and May
Announcement of the Bursary recipient
LNP Annual Convention