30 April


Liberty Rally

By Laney McLaren 2013 Bursary, News, USA No Comments

Last week US Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee joined with Governor Sarah Palin (and 3000 of their closest Oklahoman friends!) to rally in support of US Senate candidate T.W. Shannon.

I’ve had a fair bit of experience with political events, so this was an opportunity for me to really contribute.  And I’ve learned from the best (Tilly Lewis – that means you!!!).

It was two very long days of preparation, and a long drive from Oklahoma City to Tulsa (the venue).

Yours truly was entrusted with running the backstage operation: greeting the VIPs, running the green room, speaking queues, security etc.

I had about 10 minutes with Ted Cruz who was very impressive.  I told him a little about the Enid Dowling Foundation and my plans whilst I’m in the US.  I explained to him that I would be spending some time in his home state of Texas, meeting with the Greg Abbott for Governor campaign (Cruz was appointed to the office of Solicitor General of Texas by Attorney General Greg Abbott).  I also invited Senator Cruz to stop by Australia some time soon for a Liberty Dinner – which he was particularly enthused by, and this is now with the Young Liberals to follow up with.


The security detail backstage with us made up of plain clothed and uniformed police officers were also thrilled to meet Senator Cruz, and were chatting amongst themselves as he walked on stage how they would support him to run for President.

My goodness this man can work a crowd!  It is really no surprise that he has the momentum behind him.  I don’t think I’ve met someone that truly loves freedom more than Cruz.

Whilst Senator Cruz Spoke I had some time with Sarah Palin and her husband Todd.  Todd was really sweet guy.  I can’t even comprehend what being the partner of the Tea Party rockstar Sarah Palin would be like, but Todd seems to take it all in his stride.  I snapped a quick selfie with Governor Palin, who was excited that I had come all the way from Australia to help out on TW’s campaign.  The original mama grizzly received an outrageous welcome from the crowd – that itself was something to behold.

As soon as I get my hands on the video – I’ll post it on here for viewing.


I’ve been involved in more political events than I can remember, but never to something that captured this much energy and enthusiasm.  It was a privilege to be a part of putting it together, and a real treat to be able to meet with the guest speakers.

– Laney