22 September


Leaving The Hague and heading to the UK

By Margaret Forrest 2014 Bursary No Comments

Last week I concluded my internship in the Immediate Office of the Prosecutor at the ICTY.  While at the Tribunal, I was given the opportunity to undertake a major legal research project, assist with a case in the trial division of the Tribunal and assist with the editing of a book about prosecuting sexual violence during war time.   It was particularly interesting for me to compare the way in which crimes are prosecuted in Queensland with the prosecution of crimes at an international level.

I will spend the last week of my Enid Dowling trip in London researching campaign techniques used by the Conservative Party during the recent general election (as well as undertaking some other meetings).  My research will focus on digital campaigning.  As well as meeting with staff at Conservative Party Headquarters, I am looking forward to meeting with the Director of the Britain-Australia Society and the Australian High Commissioner to the UK.