About the Bursary

Enid Dowling OBE, across her life, was engaged in community and public service.
The Enid Dowling Foundation celebrates Enid Dowling’s life long achievements; from a young Sydney economist to the wife of a woolgrower, a mother and mentor of young people who aspired to professional and public leadership and service.
Her passion was to inculcate youth with the ambition and the professional and social skills to participate in community activities and service and to seek public office at all levels of government.
The Enid Dowling Foundation honours the values, generosity of spirit, drive and enthusiasm of Enid Dowling OBE for mentoring young people to reach their potential, to be courageous in goal setting, to engage in public service and aspire to leadership.
Enid Dowling’s work continues through the Enid Dowling Foundation and the awarding of an annual Bursary.


The Enid Dowling Foundation Bursary’s mission is to support exceptional individual initiative, innovation and leadership to advance the social or economic development of Queenslanders, and to promote public service and engagement in the political process.

The Bursary

The Enid Dowling Foundation Bursary attracts donors desirous of fostering young Queenslanders to strive for personal and professional development, and to experience new opportunities to enable them to contribute as confident and capable citizens in our economy and society.
A donor has the choice of providing a general contribution to the Foundation or funding the Bursary for one year in return for naming rights.


The selection criteria for the award of the Bursary reflects the values which characterised Enid Dowling’s life and work;


  • Achievement in one’s field of endeavour;
  • Courage and motivation to strive for one’s goals;
  • A spirit of generosity and humanity;
  • Commitment to excellence;
  • A desire to contribute to public life; and
  • Belief in the philosophy of the Liberal National Party.


The Bursary is awarded to a man or woman who is:

  • Between the age of 21 and 31 at the time of application;
  • A citizen of Australia and a resident of Queensland; and
  • A Member of the Liberal National Party or Young Liberal National Party for no less than 12 months.


The term of the obligation is 12 months, commencing and ending at the LNP’s Annual Convention. During that time the recipient receives a Bursary for up to four months of travel and study. In the remaining months the rececipent is obliged to undertake special engagements for the Donor of the Year, the Enid Dowling Foundation and the LNP, including promotions, speaking engagements and mentoring.

Bursary Tenure

The Bursary tenure is for up to four months of travel for study or skill attainment either within Australia or internationally. The travel component of the Bursary must be undertaken within six months of the grant.
The successful candidate must prepare a presentation (oral, written and in electronic form) to the LNP State Convention on the experience of being a Bursary recipient. The reports will be published by the Enid Dowling Foundation and will remain the property of the Enid Dowling Foundation.

Value of the Award

The value of the Bursary is up to A$25,000 provided in advance to the recipient, with the exception of A$1,500 which will be paid on presentation of the report. Out of pocket and additional expenses must be met by the successful candidate.


Applications released 1 January 2017
Applications open 1 February 2017
Applications close 31 March 2017, 5:00pm
Applications assessment and short listing of applicants April and May
Announcement of the Bursary recipient LNP Annual Convention