17 April


Campaign Tech East

By Laney McLaren 2013 Bursary, News, USA No Comments

If I was searching for confirmation that Australia is digitally prehistoric I certainly found it when I dropped by the CampaignTech East conference last week in Washington, DC.

CampaignTech East brings together some of the movers and shakers in the political digital space in the US – and it was a great opportunity to connect.

Last year I attended “Art of Political Campaigning” conference – held by the same organisation – but with a broader focus that encompassed mail, digital, advertising, fundraising, finance, field and candidate management etc.  It was a great introduction into the world of US campaigns and really highlighted the difference in our political cultures.

Campaign Tech East was really different – I found it to be like a frenzy of political consultants, congregating at the Washington Marriott to discuss the politics of politics.

That said there were some really great and engaging panellists that I personally gained a lot of value from particularly:

The presentations have definitely prompted me to refocus on a few key areas and I’ve been doing some work on while I continue on my travels.

I’ll also be following up with some of the speakers as I continue my way through the mid-west en route to LA.  I’ll keep you posted!

– Laney