29 April


Oklahoma update

By Laney McLaren 2013 Bursary, News, USA No Comments

I think it’s time for an update from Oklahoma!

It’s a bit of a long story of how I’ve found myself in the Sooner State.  It all started last year when I was attending the Campaigns & Elections Art of Political Campaigning conference in Washington DC where I connected with one of the guest speakers – Trebor Worthen, a consultant in Oklahoma.

I was travelling with my good friend James Mackay, and between him, Trebor and I we hit it off over the next few days.  We said we’d all keep in touch and visit one another in our respective countries one day soon.

When I was selected as a recipient of the EDF Bursary, I dropped Trebor a line and let him know I’d be heading his way in early 2014.  Trebor is campaign manager for T.W. Shannon’s bid for the US Senate and I’ve come out to Oklahoma to help out on this campaign and learn from the team here and share a few of my experiences.

Oklahomans are renowned for their friendliness and hospitality, and my experience is certainly confirmation of that!

From the moment I stepped foot in the state I had a home to stay in and all arrangements taken care of.  I’ve been staying with the Holland family, who have been so generous to take me in!.  Fount Holland (a Republican campaign guru) is the founder of the consultancy looking after the T.W. Shannon campaign, so it’s been a real treat to be able to spend time with him sharing ideas and learning about one another’s political systems.

There is a really great team here on the Campaign, and it’s been a wonderful experience to spend a few weeks here to get to know these folk particularly well.  There is no doubt it is very easy to make friends when you are Australian!

I’ll blog separately about some of the experiences I am having on the campaign so stay tuned!

– Laney