29 April


Pitch and Demo Day 2014

By Tasmin Trezise News No Comments

Over the weekend I went to the Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs pitch and demo day where new businesses averaging $50k to $250k annual revenue are looking for venture capital between $1-3 Million.

The six businesses who pitched were:

1. SportsLab: A system incorporating wearable tech to measure university athlete metrics. There was actually a quarterback in the audience so there were some very interesting questions.

2. Hashcube: Transforms traditional popular games and adds an element of quest logic to them. They currently have the most popular Sudoku game on Facebook with a single individual spending over $5,000 to play.

3. eHarvestHub: American farmers lose 14% – 35% on middlemen between then and the retailer (Safeway etc). Farmers can sell fresh product online with the added benefit of packet tracking to eliminate paperwork and instant contamination identification.

4. Atooma: Integrates all existing tech solutions together like wearable, smart phones, TV, devices & cognisant computing. They won the ‘best App in the world’ from Mobile World 2013 conference.

5. FriendRyde: A taxi social network site for getting to go where you need and make new friends (with the driver) at the same time.

6. LogicFort: ‘Connecting Hollywood with Bollywood’ a single platform to access multiple media services across countries.

The winner was eHarvetHub who progresses to the next funding round (picture above).