06 May


Last day in OKC

By Laney McLaren 2013 Bursary, News, USA No Comments

My few weeks here in Oklahoma are coming to an end.

It’s been a real privilege to work for and get to know candidate for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate T.W. Shannon.

Incumbent Senator Dr Tom Coburn is retiring at the end of the year, and this primary is certainly a close contest.

T.W. became Oklahoma’s youngest and first African American House speaker. He is also an enrolled member of the Chickasaw Nation.

T.W. is a champion for smaller government and was recently named as by the  RNC as one of its “Rising Stars”.  He started as the underdog in this race, but he continues to build momentum and his campaign has achieved a 45 point turnaround – he now leads in the polls.

Tea party rockstars Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee descended Tulsa, Oklahoma last week to endorse T.W.

“These are our warriors in the United States Senate,” Governor Palin said at the T.W. Liberty Rally, pointing to Cruz and Lee. “We’ve got to send them some reinforcements. And Oklahoma’s contribution to that worthy effort is T.W. Shannon.”

There is no doubt that T.W. has a huge future ahead of him.  He is a towering figure at 6’5, and, I don’t know how else to put this – he’s got swag!  With his beaming smile, genuine warmth and kindness, I just know this man has what it takes.

I’ll likely be back to the U.S. within the next few years and I look forward to greeting T.W. as a United States Senator.