05 May


On the hustings with WildRose

By Tasmin Trezise News No Comments

The Wildrose Party, named after the provincial flower, is a conservative party in Alberta, Canada. They are a grassroots movement advocating for smaller government, fiscal restraint, electoral reform and jobs creation.

I spent two days with previous Calgary-Bow candidate Tim Dyck where we door-knocked (yes, in the snow), mailed newsletters, met campaign managers and talked WildRose structure & fundraising.


Tim was a very salt of the earth guy that exercised passioned advocacy on issues facing his local riding (electorate). Tim was also a big fan of Australian dining so we were able to chew fat over our renowned red wines and the Red Rooster ‘Rippa Roll’.

I was particularly interested in the WildRose grassroots High-Volume Low-Value (HVLV) fundraising which is something our party has only started to tap into. As an example they had just created a ‘2016 club’ where individuals can sign up to donate $20.16 a month to the next election held in (you guessed it) 2016.

They way that look at it, like saving your pennies, the small things add up. The WildRose have definitely tapped into a pool of conservative anger and are working hard to channel the energy to make real changes. I wish WildRose and Tim Dyck best of luck for the next election.