22 May


Tour of Canadian Parliament

By Tasmin Trezise News No Comments

Rob Anders MP was able to take me on a personal tour of parliament after meeting with his staff and talking about his Ministerial duties. Rob was a very knowledgeable and passionate about the building and was able to talk length about the history and significance of features.

For instance, did you know that the most famous photo of Winston Churchill was taken in the Canadian Parliament after giving a rousing speech?

I was able to sit in the Government Lobby during a vote and meet with the Government Whip, Stella Ambler MP, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

I was also able to meet with Russ Hiebert MP, Chairman of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association who organised for me to attend Question Period. The debate was very lively with the Conservatives always having the final upper hand with the inexperienced opposition.

A common theme was the situation in Ukraine with a special attendance from leaders of the Ukraine Church sitting only two seats from me.