25 June


ICTY Intern Lecture Series

By Margaret Forrest 2014 Bursary No Comments

Through their Intern Lecture Series, the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) at the ICTY ensures that interns are exposed to different aspects of the work undertaken by the OTP. The program of 14 lectures is run twice per year to ensure that most interns are able to attend all 14 lectures.

So far I have attended the lectures that covered, Introduction to the ICTY and Historical background to the conflict in the former Yugoslavia, The life of an ICTY case: commencement to conclusion and Evidence and procedure at the ICTY. I am particularly interested in the upcoming sessions covering, The conflict in the former Yugoslavia and Investigation and analysis of international crimes.

I have also really benefited from attending the weekly “brown bag” mentoring sessions run by the OTP. In these sessions, one staff member of the OTP is tasked with providing interns with career advice. It has been very interesting to hear how each staff member ended up travelling from their own jurisdiction to The Hague to prosecute war crimes. These sessions have affirmed my belief that luck = preparedness combined with opportunity.